Our Executive Team

Éric Gervais

A visionary of DPG, Eric has led the company for over 30 years. With a bachelor’s degree in biology, he is an inventor of more than 6 patents owned by the Group, many of which have been approved in over 40 countries. His desire to advance science by shaping the environment to ensure access to treatment, combined with his professionalism, keeps DPG on the path to success.
The idea is to build a sustainable business that offers hope to all those who are affected by a disease.

Tanya Carro

Executive Vice President, U.S. Entities
A steward of growth for all of DPG's U.S. entities, Tanya has over 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Her strong and broad expertise spans finance, operations, business development, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and management of multi-site teams. Her focused, strategic and human approach allows Tanya to turn new challenges into opportunities.
I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. We share common goals and are able to accomplish great things together.

Michael Gallo

Vice-president, Regulatory and Medical Affairs
A strategic thinker and the architect of DPG’s unique regulatory approach, Michael has nearly 25 years of in-depth experience in the development and licensing of innovative medicinal products. His extensive expertise and enthusiasm in leading his team are fundamental to our ability to navigate through various medical-regulatory systems nationally and internationally. Michael is proud of his team’s accomplishments and excited for what the future holds:
There are no limitations at DPG. Working globally on products from various therapeutic classes is what drives us and keeps the work interesting.

Dany Hallé

Vice-president, Commercial Affaires
The driving force behind DPG's commercial success, Dany holds multiple university degrees in science, including a Master in Molecular Genetics and a Bachelor in Microbiology. In addition, he has recently completed a CMAP certification in Market Access. His expertise combined with years long experience in sales, marketing and market access in the pharmaceutical industry makes Dany unique when it comes to conquering new markets, leading his teams with collegiality and innovation always geared towards excellence.
The risk-taking / entrepreneur mindset is encouraged and there is no fear of making mistakes along the way as we learn by making these and grow better and faster.

Manon Vranderick

Vice President, Product Development & Manufacturing Strategy
A pillar of all production, quality, and distribution functions at DPG, Manon has a strong and rare combination of skills in multi-site pharmaceutical research, operations management, new product development, and management of large teams, both directly and through relationships with international partners. With over 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she has dedicated over 12 years to DPG's success.
Keeping a family and entrepreneurial approach we are building on our strong foundations to pursue our international growth. It allows me and my teams to thrive and learn from global and ever-evolving challenges every day.

Mélanie Therrien

Vice President, Finance & Corporate Affairs
With more than 25 years of experience in helping companies achieve financial health, Mélanie is the quiet force of the team who leads with enthusiasm her teams to excellence. Her expertise in accounting and taxation combined with her work ethic and ability to build trusting relationships explain how financial health has become everyone's responsibility at DPG.
We work with professionals who want to excel and bring Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group further. It is very inspiring.

Caroline Guerru

Vice-president, Human Resources and Communications
A driving force behind flexibility and talent development at DPG, Caroline has over 20 years of strategic human resources management experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The work strategies she has adopted at DPG have consolidated the foundations of the Group's team by transforming it into a professional family where everyone's natural gifts are appreciated. This approach of closeness, agility and transparency carries over into her role as Communications Leader.
What sets us apart I would say is our culture, which I would describe as human, flexible and entrepreneurial. Also, the objectives we are setting to achieve while involving everyone keeps us all motivated and constantly growing.

Suzanne Paszkiewicz

Vice-president Global Partnerships and Strategic Projects
A driver of DPG’s international growth, Suzanne, cumulating a 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, has succeeded in multiple roles. Her main strengths are piloting strategy to execution and leading cross-functional teams towards success. Suzanne’s mission at DPG is to strengthen the Group’s international positioning and bring the Group to the next level of collaboration with international partners.
I can say that every Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group’s team member I have met exemplifies a shared passion and commitment to the mission of DPG, with ambition to continually improve options for patients, in a highly "all-in" & collaborative environment.